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RestauratriceEvery work of art is a fragment of history that is unique in its kind, because it contains not only the mastery of the hand that created it, but through the years it becomes a container of memories and an object full of meaning. An object that can change depending on the place and the conditions in which it was stored can undergo interventions or breaks. All this is part of his past and it is what makes it unique. The restoration done in a workmanlike manner, aims to honor all this, re-establishing good legibility of the artifact without distorting its authenticity and maintaining the historical patina that testifies to its passage through time, thus giving new splendor that emphasizes its ancient beauty without ever distorting it or reducing it to an impersonal and industrial object. It is a thin line that distinguishes true restoration from mere remaking. After so many years in contact with the world of antiques, we rely only on those like us who give importance to the dignity of ancient objects. The restorations are carried out with conservative techniques by hand, with natural and contemporary materials and materials, all easily reversible and as similar as possible to the original ones.

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Antiques takes advantage of the collaboration of expert craftsmen to carry out restoration work on antiques, furniture, paintings, upholstery, porcelain and any other object.You

have two ways to contact us:


Send us a picture of the object to be restored via Whatsapp at number 333/3104172, or use the following form.


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