The antique business is a constant fluctuating market. Similar to other trades, when the economy is good, business is thriving, when the economy is struggling, business declines. In recent years, the antique market has slowly been decreasing as antiques aren’t being consumed by the public.

There are many theories to why the decline has been so dramatic, but some are more probable than others. First, the generations of Millennials and Gen Z are not interested in acquiring antiques and prefer contemporary art and objects. Though one could argue that these generations are interested in repurposing the old to create a one of a kind item.

Although both could be true, the definite age of an item to make it an antique is 100 years or older. Millennials and Gen Z tend to repurpose pieces that are vintage, which are objects that are between the age of 25 to 50 years. Another theory is based off the era of social media. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Tumblr promote themes of aesthetic, contemporary art that many young generations wish to obtain. As the new trends are highly dependent on the interests of the young generations, antique galleries are adapting to what is in demand. Galleries are acquiring a new range of diverse items that will appeal to a wider audience such as adding retro, vintage, and contemporary art, objects, and décor to their collection, but still acquire antiques. In fact, who knows where antiques will go from here? In the next 30 years, antiques could be the next big trend, just like how contemporary and vintage are currently.

In addition to appealing to a new generation, antique galleries are steadily losing foot traffic. Many galleries have turned to various platforms to keep business progressing such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and other online sites that contribute to sales. Antique galleries have started moving their inventory online to sell as opposed to in-store because foot traffic has declined as searching the internet for products is easier and less time consuming for the customer. Unfortunately, most antique galleries are being forced to operate online or face having to terminate their business. As online shopping has taken over, many businesses have decided along with selling their collection online is to rent parts of the inventory. Renting opens a new door for the antiques business. At Antiquariato Europeo di Gianluca Scribano, we rent our antique furnishings for television events, theatrical productions, film and photo shoot sets. It is a simple, adaptable way for antique businesses to create profit off of their inventory. As business in-stores decrease, it is the perfect time to buy. Prices of antiques are at an all-time low and can be purchased at an affordable amount.

With all this talk about the business of antiques, stop by on Via Gregorio VII, 272 and check out our amazing collection! It has never been a better time to buy. Our Gallery’s array of art, objects, décor, and furniture are truly marvelous along with Gianluca’s wholesale prices you will surely find a great piece for your liking. Learn more about Antiquariato Europeo di Gianluca Scribano at www.antiquariatoeuropeo.com. Also, check us out on Facebook and Instagram! If you are interested in renting contact Gianluca Scribano via WhatsApp at 333 3104172 and you will receive a reply within 12 hours or send an email to info@antiquariatoeuropeo.com and we will reply within 48 hours. Antiquariato Europeo is delighted to establish liaisons with potential customers as there are always new daily acquisitions for every person’s liking. Come check out Antiquariato Europeo di Gianluca Scribano on Via Gregorio VII, 272!

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