When visiting Rome, one is often attracted to the many famous historical sites around the city. Exploring the cobblestone streets, you will spot the well-known Colosseum, the popular Trevi fountain, and the beautiful St. Peter’s Basilica. Hidden just a few steps away from Vatican City is Antiquariato Europeo di Gianluca Scribano where history itself is collected. Founded in 1964 by Umberto Scribano, Antiquariato Europeo specializes in buying and selling antiques from private individuals throughout Italy. Umberto’s greatest passion was antiques and after serving two decades in the police force, he opened Antiquariato Europeo on Via Gregorio VII. Over half a century later, Antiquariato Europeo is one of the best-known antiques companies in Rome that buys and sells European Antiques with customers from Northern Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America. Although we buy in Italy, our shop is filled with pieces whose provenance range from English, Dutch, French, and Scandinavian from the 17th to the 20th century.

During your time in the eternal city, avoid the numerous souvenir shops and stop in at Antiquariato Europeo to find authentic gifts to commemorate your time in Italy. Our gallery is over 1000 square meters and consists of artifacts from eras such as the Renaissance, Baroque, and Modern with pieces of sacred art, ivory, paintings, marble, sculpture, and much more. At Antiquariato Europeo you will find the perfect keepsake to remember your stay in Rome with objects like a 20th century pocket watch, a Franz Borghese watercolor painting, an 18th century Chinese vase, or even a prehistoric fossil. Along with preserving the past through pieces in our shop, Antiquariato Europeo is passionate about keeping history alive through the acquisition and distribution of antique artifacts and promoting the Italian antique market. If you discover you are interested in obtaining more than one piece, Antiquariato Europeo di Gianluca Scribano offers container facilities and wholesale prices, you cannot find at any other antique dealer in Europe. Gianluca Scribano travels daily to purchase works of art from private individuals in Rome and the surrounding areas. As a client of Antiquariato Europeo, Gianluca would message your point of contact directly via WhatsApp with pieces that your company would be interested in acquiring. Once your 20-foot or 40-foot container is filled at the gallery with pieces you have selected, the container will be shipped to you.

Our Gallery’s assortment of art, objects, décor, and furniture are truly remarkable. While you’re exploring Vatican City, stop by our gallery on Via Gregorio VII, 272 and check out our amazing collection to discover your Rome memento, learn more about our container facilities, or if you just want to admire the collection. Learn more about Antiquariato Europeo di Gianluca Scribano at www.antiquariatoeuropeo.com. Also, check us out on Facebook and Instagram! If you are interested in acquiring containers at wholesale prices contact Gianluca Scribano via WhatsApp at 333 3104172 and you will receive a reply within 12 hours or send an email to info@antiquariatoeuropeo.com and we will reply within 48 hours. Antiquariato Europeo is delighted to establish liaisons with potential customers as there are always new daily acquisitions for every person’s liking. Come check out Antiquariato Europeo di Gianluca Scribano on Via Gregorio VII, 272!

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